1. belittlement, deprecation, derogation, deflation, detraction, Inf. talking down; depreciation, devaluation, diminution, decrease, abatement, attenuation, mitigation, bating, cheapening, lessening; minimization, dispraise, underestimation, extenuation, undervaluing, underrating, under-reckoning, beggaring; sarcasm, ridicule, mockery, jeer, gibe, scoff, sneer; disdain, derision, contempt, scorn, contumely.
2. discredit, disfavor, obloquy, loss of face; censure, reproach, invective, reflection, animadversion, disapproval, disapprobation, criticism, stricture; curse, denunciation, condemnation, execration, revilement, commination, fulmination, malediction; degradation, debasement, abasement, reduction, lowering, vitiation; shame, disgrace, dishonor; humiliation, humble pie, mortification; defamation, denigration, vilification, vituperation, scandal, scandalization, scandal-mongering, abuse, injury, attack, scurrility, running down, gibbeting, backbiting, Sl. badmouth, Sl. poormouth; slander, libel, calumny, calumniation, traduce-ment, falsification, misrepresentation, false accusation, slur, imputation, aspersion, insinuation, innuendo, Inf. brickbat.
3. indignity, insult, affront, slight, ill treatment, maltreatment, outrage, disrespect; discourtesy, rudeness, incivility, hissing, cat call, Bronx cheer, raspberry; snub, rebuff, home thrust, reprimand, reproof, rebuke, reprehension, castigation, scolding, chiding, Inf. dressing down, scowl, frown, black look.

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